Wednesday, October 1, 2008

American Public Education v. Creativity

It has always amazed me that after second grade, school is the most tedious place on earth for a lot of our kids. Have you cracked a textbook lately? It's an Ambien martini without a buzz. The world is an exciting place, the enormity of the human condition and its variations are riveting. Yet, until every last fun bit is strangled out of it, American children aren't likely to learn about it.

In fairness, there are wonderful teachers who manage to transcend--but they've taken a vow of poverty to excite our children about the world. Good on all y'all. I know quite a few whose passion matches their task. I know many more who discourage and poison our children with their didactic dullness.

Creativity is the closest we get to transcendence in this life, it's our best thing and needs to be valued. Everything is at stake, we need everybody's talents nurtured. When I saw this TED Talk for the first time, I hooted and now I hope.

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