Saturday, October 4, 2008

Incoherent marble-mouth niglets? Video makes the white underbelly of America vicious.

This video is hot on reddit under the title "Black teenagers take Obama cult joke too far." First off, what cult joke? Second, what's the bfd? It's inappropriate as a school activity, sure, but shades of Nazi Youth?

I'm much more worried about Blackwater.

This kind of performance art has a long tradition in the African-American community. When we lived in a school district that was both 80% African American and remarkable, we saw these chant and dance routines several times a year at school assemblies. We always had stellar marching bands, too.

Thematically, it's a bit weird when the kids shift from "Yes I can" rhetoric to talking points about Obama's health plan. I mean, "healthcare for those who can't afford Medicaid," (?).

What I found truly alarming though were the comments. NightDragon2883 wasn't alone in his sympathies when he wrote, "At least when the Hitler Youth had their marches and chants you could understand what they were saying, unlike these incoherent marble-mouth niglets [emphasis mine]. Gonna be a fun 4 years if this douchebag gets into office."

NightDragon might have had a clearer view of the video had he removed his hood first. Gawd, I can't believe the hatred-stoked fear some white people have of black folks--evolution, please hurry. Things are looking ugly in the pale and fetid underbelly.

Control and Magical Thinking--Lack of One Leads to the Other

Mind Hacks has an interesting post about an experiment in this week's Science that found "reducing participants' control increase[s] the tendency for magical thinking and the perception of illusory meaning in random or patternless visual scenes."

From imagining images where there are none to believing a mini-mall full of virgins are just waiting for that bomb to blow so they can have their wanton way with you is a long trot. But it's on the same slippery slope.

Like Dan Quale said, the mind is a terrible thing to lose, and we're culturally encouraged to let faith leap off even the tallest buildings without ever asking ourselves empirical questions.

Magical thinking is a placebo that can be like a crack pipe full of rocks for those so inclined. I'm not concerned with what consenting adults do with their gray matter, but too often they demand that all must toke, or suffer their consequences.

I don't want to take away anyone's security blanket, but after magical thinking reaches a critical mass, it's like putting anchovies on half a pizza. The stink spreads.


Feel kinship for her awful kids, just keep her out of the lower 48

Look closely as Palin's daughter flips the bird as if born to the barn.

I forget which one of her tikes this is, Trigger or Snapping Turtle--something like that. See how charming she is, flipping the fuck you at her brother? Word is the governor's boy, the soldier, was threatened with jail time for dealing drugs unless he pulled his act together in the military. And Miss Alaska must so be looking forward to becoming a grandmother! It's a risk you run when the only thing kids know about sex is that they shouldn't do it, but it's wonderful. We had a village idiot around here get pregnant the same way--she had no idea could feel so good and make a baby, too. It's a puzzle all around.

Like a lot of folks, I can relate to rotten kids. If you don't think your kids are rotten, you probably don't much about how they really are.

Joe Six-pack knows his kids are rotten. He and his wife Shawnette love to chase their gamey meat with a cold can of Stag. He doesn't trust anyone who wouldn't go to his church. He is convinced that if you spare the rod, you spoil the child--contrary to all evidence at home, but it's the authoritarian world view that keeps him comfy. He's a follower for the most part, because life is unfair. But given a little authority, he tends cruelly toward the heavy end of the nighclub.

He and his wife don't tell other about those intense dreams involving the arctic governor letting her hair down.

Rove is a smart, smart man to have picked a peck of Palin. If anyone could feed into the smaller side of the American psyche, the part that believes Fox is fair and balanced, it's this lovely lady.

Governor Palin does have a wink and a catchy tune, but she's too slow to dance to--not when the whole fucking shooting match is at stake. She's ready for a seat on "The View," not as Miss Runner Up to the biggest, oldest cheese in America.

Disarmingly charming, self-satisfied and incurious, she's easily dishonest and proudly unsophisticated. All the while, just like Dubya, she's dead certain of all that rattles around in her head.

We really, really need to stop recruiting from the that end of the DNA pool. She does have that reptilian sort of intelligence that makes her dangerous. She's cunning, that one, and vindictive. She says her rudder's stuck on true north, but she'll wiggle it around if she thinks she can get away with it.

I bet all that McCain thinks about is wiggling rudders.

Republicans will have to steal another election to get her to D.C. They couldn't possibly pull it off a third time, could they?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First, get towels and a man with three dangly toilet parts

French and Saunders at their best.

Talibaptist to Oprah: "If You Open Your Mind, Your Brains Will Fall Out"

Don't bother watching the whole thing, unless ecclesiastical buffoonery is your thang. I found this after seeing a video in response to my Oprah's magical thinking post. That's the one Norm (that clever, clever man) published on One Good Move. Apparently, the Talibaptists and their ilk think Oprah may be fooling around with the Antichrist.

American Public Education v. Creativity

It has always amazed me that after second grade, school is the most tedious place on earth for a lot of our kids. Have you cracked a textbook lately? It's an Ambien martini without a buzz. The world is an exciting place, the enormity of the human condition and its variations are riveting. Yet, until every last fun bit is strangled out of it, American children aren't likely to learn about it.

In fairness, there are wonderful teachers who manage to transcend--but they've taken a vow of poverty to excite our children about the world. Good on all y'all. I know quite a few whose passion matches their task. I know many more who discourage and poison our children with their didactic dullness.

Creativity is the closest we get to transcendence in this life, it's our best thing and needs to be valued. Everything is at stake, we need everybody's talents nurtured. When I saw this TED Talk for the first time, I hooted and now I hope.

Spitting for Jesus

Ricky Gervais Explains Creation

Remember the good old days when we were all spoiled brats?

Who's Whining Now P. GrimmyGramm?

Missouri River Valley

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Dance of the Periodic Tables

What do you remember about the periodic tables? No this much, but this is fun.

Studs Terkel: The Great Depression Interviews

Studs Terkel interviews. Excellent, depressing, and perhaps good to know given our current crisis. I saw a recipe for acorn flour this morning, and I'm thinking about raising chickens, nu?

Sunday, September 28, 2008