Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bush seems "relieved" he's going out--if it's true, then me too

Do notice that it's my dear John Danforth making this observation about Bush. He's a very bright man and he's the only Republican I remember ever voting for. He's a lovely man and we need more like him, but do I trust him enough to believe him?

You have to admit that Bush has been acting like he's ready to pull a senior prank. A ridiculou little soft-shoe dance at a presser? And lord, did you see him at the Olympics? He behaved as though he was all magnanimous host, all bonhomie and hail-fellow-well-met. I about puked.

So let us hope. And hope. And hope.

From Think Progress:

Bush ‘relieved’ his presidency is almost over.

Despite an economic crisis shaking the country, President Bush has reportedly been very “relaxed.” Former Missouri senator John C. Danforth was at a fundraiser with Bush last week and said that the President “seemed relieved” his presidency was nearly over. “[He] looked as though he was about to shed this burden of the presidency. … I took it as though, ‘I’ve done the best I can, I think I made the right decisions and now it’s almost over,’” said Danforth. The New York Times also reports that “Bush has been telling people privately that it’s a good thing he’s in charge” during the country’s rough times because he has “a good group of people in D.C. working for him.”

UpdateAP reports that under Bush, "U.S. clout in what it once considered its backyard has sunk to perhaps the lowest point in decades. As Washington turned its attention to the Middle East, Latin America swung to the left and other powers moved in."

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