Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hopes and fears

This was taken looking down on one of Hermann, Missouri's main drags. My parents have lived here since I was college age and it's authentically quaint. A huge storm was rolling in, which I made more dramatic, as is my way. I had a thought about that little car making a turn. What if it were bathed in a glow from above, as if by magic? Even though I've given up believing in magic, it's still an awesome artistic metaphor.

If you right click my photos, please don't use them to make money.

I am le tired. Between the atavistic mob mentality being stirred by McPalin, the ever more dire economic news, worries about what the unelected president may yet have up his sleeve and life in general, I am more than un peau le tired.

All along I've worried that whoever is elected top dog inherits a clusterfuck of such enormous proportions that dragging us out of it will be impossible. And now, with so much money hemorrhaging against our line of credit, that concern is heightened.

We are not a patient people. I just hope Obama's golden touch can transform the roll back the monomaniacal treachery visited by a man who never won a national election.

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