Saturday, October 4, 2008

Incoherent marble-mouth niglets? Video makes the white underbelly of America vicious.

This video is hot on reddit under the title "Black teenagers take Obama cult joke too far." First off, what cult joke? Second, what's the bfd? It's inappropriate as a school activity, sure, but shades of Nazi Youth?

I'm much more worried about Blackwater.

This kind of performance art has a long tradition in the African-American community. When we lived in a school district that was both 80% African American and remarkable, we saw these chant and dance routines several times a year at school assemblies. We always had stellar marching bands, too.

Thematically, it's a bit weird when the kids shift from "Yes I can" rhetoric to talking points about Obama's health plan. I mean, "healthcare for those who can't afford Medicaid," (?).

What I found truly alarming though were the comments. NightDragon2883 wasn't alone in his sympathies when he wrote, "At least when the Hitler Youth had their marches and chants you could understand what they were saying, unlike these incoherent marble-mouth niglets [emphasis mine]. Gonna be a fun 4 years if this douchebag gets into office."

NightDragon might have had a clearer view of the video had he removed his hood first. Gawd, I can't believe the hatred-stoked fear some white people have of black folks--evolution, please hurry. Things are looking ugly in the pale and fetid underbelly.

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