Thursday, October 9, 2008

No anti-government pretender should be elected dog-catcher

Frank Paynter of Listics fame is concerned, along with a lot of us. He left a sobering comment to my post about the conversation we'd been having on his blog. He wrote:

David Sirota says, "I fear for Barack Obama's safety in these final days. I really do. The conservative movement is not going to go down quietly - and with this upsurge in unbridled anger, I'm worried we're going to see some violence. I really hope I'm wrong - but I'm concerned."

At this point it looks like a landslide for Obama, and with that landslide a chance to begin to turn the country away from the oppression of a fascist corporatocracy. To do this though, we have to realize that the entire right wing -- from the deluded Ayn Rand fanatics to the Christian end-of-the-world cultists -- is essentially our "enemy." I hate that word, enemy. I would prefer to live in a world that isn't polarized in an us-or-them way. Sadly, we don't live in that world yet, so it pays to recognize the enemy and deal with them appropriately.

There is no reason an anti-government pretender should be elected dog-catcher in this country, much less President. Managing government, guiding decent policy creation is what government should be about. But these right-wing whack jobs have a different agenda, one that doesn't include democracy, one that gives away our common wealth to the most avaricious and power hungry.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that Palin's incitement (reflecting the McCain campaign's policy) doesn't create a situation where one of the people who actually believes in that right-wing b.s. takes it upon himself to rid the country of HIS enemy.

The power elite will do what it can to derail the electoral process and retain power. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that they will fail this fall.

I'm very worried at the high dudgeon the Republican "base" is in. I'm wary of them like one would be of a rabid dog, they are so adamantly out of touch with documented fact.

The pathological followers, and their outliers, are cause for real concern.

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