Saturday, October 18, 2008

OBAMA Draws LARGEST CROWD in US HISTORY in St. Louis, my hometown

Today, in St. Louis, Mo., a record breaking crowd of 100,000 gathered to hear Barack Obama speak. That's econd only to the 200,000 people who turned out for him in Berlin, Germany, and more than the 80,000 at his Democratic National Convention speech—this, inin a state that John Kerry had pulled out of at this point four years ago.

Looks like Missouri's moving from purple to blue--my peeps--let's show folks how it's done.

There has been a new birdsong on the air, a free memory stored in the water, or the scent of good will. Whatever it is, it's spreading, and today it brought 100,000 St. Louisans, grumpy, worn out, zoysia grass growers to take a beautiful Saturday morning to stand under the Arch. Obama.

Why people came?
video from the post-dispatch blogger.

Heard of Rednecks for Obama? They were there.

I lived in Rolla. For a bit in the late 70s. In a turquoise, white and rusted trailer, with space age pretensions. Orange shag carpet? A baby, a husband/student/musician, and the weight of the world on my shoulders. There's always hope.

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