Friday, November 7, 2008

When winning weighs so much . . . Obama

I've watched the jubilation with as many tears as any of us. I've felt hope surge as never before, and that's saying something, being a Clinton veteran from way back. But I wondered, what can I add to the deluge? What is it I see worthy of adding to the static?

And then it came to me, and in all likelihood, it's nothing new, but Obama seems Lincolnesque in the gravity with which he takes office. Watch the flickr slide show of his reactions to his victory. He's understated and proud, surely, but there's a weight there far away from the hoopla and hail-fellow-well-met we're looking for. You can see the weight of the reality he has inherited written on his face.

If another president has faced a nation so in need, I can't name him.

It seems now as if the presidency is more his calling and destiny than his one true wish in life.

Am I alone? Am I too sober, or should I belly up to the obamabar? I feen for elation, yet I can't quite get there. There's that damn reality that has cautioned all who love these causes always feel. Damn reality--is he the man to transcend it? If I prayed, I'd pray. As it is, I hope and hope and hope.

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